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At the Gin Garden we offer full tastings, a cocktail menu, delicious food and much more. Let the images below do all the talking. If you are not hungry or thirsty at the moment you will be in a few minutes time!

Tasting Experience…..

Our guided tastings are the perfect way to immerse yourself in the story and life of Broken Heart. Bookable over email or phone, available 7 days a week.

Delicious drinks…..

Whether you’re interested in a tasting flight, cocktail, or one of our non-alcohol options, we have you covered! Featuring all 15 of Broken Hearts’ locally produced spirits, there is no shortage of drink options to enjoy.

Our Destination Venue…..

Located at 1 Powder Terrace, Arthurs Point at the base of Coronet Peak — what could be a better setting for a crisp Gin & Tonic?

Special Events…..

Join us for a casual Sunday evening or a fun-filled Saturday afternoon. We put on a variety of events annually and are able to host private functions for groups.

Mouth-watering food options…..

Our seasonal tapas-style dishes are best enjoyed alongside a Tasting Flight or a drink of your choice. We update our menus regularly to include the freshest products we can source. See some of the foods we have featured on past menus below.

Gin Garden

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